Friday, October 1, 2010

It's October!

October means that my favorite season and my favorite Holiday are here! It's a shame Halloween only gets one day and so this month I will be celebrating Halloween every chance I can get. You can expect to see zombies, Boo's, and the like popping up on the blog along with the regular content.

Since it's Friday I bring you my Gaia Online avatar wearing fishnets. Yes, Gaia is not the most stunning website out there, but since I spend so much time now on random computer lab computers I've started logging back into Gaia from time to time and playing broswer games on Technically, I could run WoW off of a portable hard drive, but.... For now, I'll resist.

I've been on Gaia off and on since it started up. Don't hate me. It's just the facts.

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