Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Always Looking Ahead

Yesterday I reserved a copy of Lego Harry Potter for the Wii and bought advance tickets for a friend of mine (Master Justice) to see the midnight showing of Iron Man 2 with me.

Today aside from picking up a few titles I set up a subscription at Castle Perilous (the ultimate geektastic store) for Birds of Prey and Zatanna.

I live very much in the moment and I'm glad that the things I enjoy give me something to look forward to and help me to look to the future every once in awhile. I might end up just playing games or drawing all day instead of thinking ahead! (It doesn't hurt that a lot of this stuff costs money, which reminds me to budget).

There is something inherent to geek culture that encourages anticipating the future. We are always waiting in lines for something to open or to get an autograph. The things that we adore invariably get some kind of pre-order hype and that's part of the fun.

Some of my best memories are the conversations that happen or the things I get to observe when waiting in line for stuff like WoW expansions or even going back to the past, the time I camped out all day to see Jurassic Park. Speculating on the content of upcoming title releases makes for good discussions and often leads to analyzing past stories. For instance today at Castle Perilous I talked to the guy working there about Marvel's Girl Comics versus Her-oes What we were engaging in is the same kind of intelligent analysis that goes into literature critique in college classrooms, but it was right there in the midst of the culture.

To infinity and beyond!

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