Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Super Mario Brothers Cross Over

Guess who can beat Bowser with ease and doesn't have to utilize her trademark roll to drop the bridge... Yep, that's right you can blast him down into that lava.

It's Samus!

Now in the video she is briefly out of her suit and then back in it. For most of the game she's in the suit. You can find another video of us playing the game at the Chronic Geek youtube account
Both are mere seconds long.

You can play this re-imagining of Super Mario over on New Grounds. Not only can you play as Samus, but also Link, Simon Belmont, Bill from Contra, Mega Man and of course Mario. Each character has different power ups and is accompanied by the appropriate music. If you want a true delight (if you like coins and breaking blocks) pick Belmont and when you get to the second level let the axe fly. Breaking everything in sight and collecting coins with that revolving axe is so satisfying.

I like to imagine that if I had the time to get to the the end of the game with Samus that she and Princess Peach would have given a big finger to the whole Mushroom Kingdom and gone on to create a successful bounty hunting operation in space.

Here's part of the screen where you select your characters. Samus is almost rocking the Poison Ivy look..

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