Monday, October 4, 2010

Wedding Dice and Anime Bookmarks!

You may recall I was in a wedding two weekends past. Well, since it had a lovely Fall theme and I am celebrating the season I wanted to share with you some of the amazing favors that were given out!

The bride and groom had custom dice made with a Fall theme:

There were also bookmarks with a comic book/manga theme. I blacked out the details from the bride and groom.

There was also a bottle of Tequila floating around with a glass Tiki god inside of it.... Whew! Fun, piratey times were had. Arrrrr!

Here are the dice in action with a Dragon Chow dice bag!


  1. Oh, how cute! I'm afraid I have no plans on making my wedding day that interesting, lol. But of the few people we plan on inviting, only, like, two of them game, anyway, so it'd be lost on most of them.

  2. I will tell them you said that! :)