Monday, August 16, 2010

Complete Pathfinder Conversion

It's happened. I'm completely hooked and won over by the Pathfinder system. Yes, we've been playing our converted DnD to Pathfinder game for half a year now, but the Advanced Player's Guide that I picked up at Gen Con was the tipping point that sent me from admiration to adoration.

On the left you can see some of my recent acquisitions. Red Dragon Inn is not part of Pathfinder, but I included it here because I finally got a copy yesterday. My arch-nemesis Capt. Osmotic and I battled each other into a drunken stupour last night. So it was only in-game drinking... I did have a shot of vodka to celebrate though.

Below Red Dragon Inn you can see my recent Pathfinder buys. I bought the GM screen because Mr. Geek will be running game for me and I'm hoping to run something for a few friends in the future. I haven't GM'ed since Vampire.

Harrow deserves its own post. I will tell you right now that it's a very neat concept. Harrow is a divination deck to be used in campaigns. You can use it to tell fortunes that the GM can incorporate into the story or use it as a gambling deck during game time.

Finally, the Pathfinder Chronicles book focuses on the undead. I couldn't resist getting it. Paizo has some wonderful products coming out later this year and early next year, so stay tuned.

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