Monday, August 16, 2010


I've been so busy with travel, conventions and work that I have not reviewed any comic books or played a minute of Warcraft in the past two weeks. However, I did reserve a copy of Cataclysm at Game Stop. The reason I reserved it there is because I enjoy standing in lines and waiting for new releases. That might sound odd, but it's true. Let me give you an early example: when I was young and Jurassic Park came out I camped out the theatre all afternoon and evening for it. I like the sense of anticipation that waiting in a physical space brings and I enjoy meeting people with similar interests. When Lich King came out I had a lot of fun waiting for midnight to hit.

Speaking of the Lich King I got to assist him in ICC (the aptly abbreviated Indiana Convention Center) against this joker during Gen Con:

I made a very quick costume to go around my Horde pauldron. The bloody hand print is from a dying night elf.

I told these ladies that I played Horde and then felt like a big jerk for saying it. Hehe.

Finally, I checked out the G33kmade booth and was delighted a million times to meet Kylee and Lesley the crafters of Luxury Lane Soap and Geek Soap respectively. It was so awesome meeting them and talking. I wish I could have hung out at their booth longer. As you can see Lesley is wearing a Horde shirt. Yay!


  1. lol My mains are Horde, but lately, I've been tinkering with Alliance. I'll always be a Horde girl, though.

  2. The bloody hand-print made me laugh. I'm not sure if it was supposed to, but it's a great touch!