Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Nerdy artifacts from my youth are few and far between. I wish I had video from the 1980's and more pictures of myself. Over this past weekend I visited my family home and ended up digging out a couple of boxes. In them I found a treasure-trove of items from the 90's.

In the 90's I went from jr. high to h.s. to college. In jr. high and high school I was in scholastic bowl, concert choir, the speech/drama team, and an executive officer in the science club. I took every AP science class our school had, including summer field courses in which I got to do surveying for the state, go caving and do some major canoeing. When I graduated I had taken the equivalent of six years of science!

So, how did this nerdy young girl who always had a book in hand dress? Here she is in 1997 toward the end of h.s:

Rocking the all black even then and with my Star Wars tie to boot. Those were the days!

Well, I found in the box I saved some of my geeky ties!
On the left we have a great Star Trek tie. I also found my old ST:TNG communicator pin so I threw that in the photo as well. In the middle we have my dinosaur tie and then finally the Star Wars tie! I know I had many more ties, but I'm not sure if I'll ever find them.

The Star Trek tie was still tied from the last time I wore it. Which, despite the fact that it's at least 14 years old, was probably sometime in the early 2000's. I put it on just for kicks. I think I'm just going to have to start wearing ties again....


  1. i remember one year, when white out pens were a new thing, my brother got in big trouble for using one to draw communicator pins on himself on all of his school portraits before he gave the packet to my mom.

  2. That Star Wars tie is epic! I'm so glad you still have it. :D