Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Geeky Soap

You've probably seen these on other blogs and geeky sites, but here's a fresh reminder about some very unique soap!

Geeky Clean has an amazing assortment of soaps to choose from. I'm excited to see their booth at Gen Con and I'm even more excited to have soap with a treasure inside of it!

Yes those are d20's in there. I love this idea! I will be giving away the Health bar in a contest this week. So stay tuned!

Next up is Geek Soap! A few days after I ordered my soap a new WoW hearthstone soap appeared on the site. It's awesome. I have to admit that I want it pretty badly. I got two very cool soaps from this site.

The Star Trek bar is very cool. It's wrapped in plastic still hence the weird squiggles. The cartridge soaps make great display pieces in my very eclectic bathroom. It also really does resemble the actual thing in great detail. Here's a comparison with my Game Boy:

Over at Luxury Lane there is even more great soap including Hello Kitty! This is the site where you can get the awesome Carbonite soap.
This picture doesn't do it justice and I left it in its packaging so it's a bit shiny. It's a display soap for me as well since it contains wheat and I am gluten intolerant, but it was well worth it. The level of detail is really awesome.

**I've also found out that both Geek Soap and Luxury Lane will be at Gen Con together in one booth under the G33Kmade banner. Yay! Gen Con is going to rock!**

All three soap makers create little works of art. These soaps are vegan friendly, fun to have, and smell wonderful. Any of these would make great gifts for your gaming buddies.

If you know of any other geeky soap makers let me know. These three are truly artisans at what they do. Having soap like this just adds another bright spot to every day life.


  1. I'd go for thr Trek one and catridge one. I wouldn't even mind the Pirate Duck one. But Han...I dunno...methinks it would be weird to have him in the shower with me. HEHE!

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I love you blog. So much goodness in one shiny place! ♥♥♥

  3. I have the Han one, it also sits in plastic wrapping. :)

    Yay geek soap!

  4. DarkShinobi it's ok if you keep him in the plastic. ;p

    Kylee, Thank you so much for the comment! Love your blog and soaps!

    Amy, it's too awesome to use isn't it. lol.