Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Legend of Gamers: Video Game Store

Tucked away off the interstate in O'Fallon Illinois is a video game store, that like the Tardis, is surprisingly big on the inside. On a trip to the St. Louis area I had a chance to visit this awesome store and speak with the very cool manager.

Legend of Gamers can be found at 511 W US 50 in O'Fallon. This area also sports several other stores worth checking out and is well worth the trip if you will be near St. Louis.

Inside you can find a variety of arcade machines and fun decorations.

The selection of video games range from Atari titles to Game Boy games, NES, Sega and all the way up to current titles. You can find a variety of peripherals. There is also a selection of anime DVDs.Want to compete against your friends? They have a comfy space to battle it out. Check out the systems they have set up.

I really enjoyed my visit and picked up Kirby for Gameboy. Next time I'm there I'll be picking out a NES cartridge to give away in a future contest!


  1. Oh, yay, you're updating again! And as it just so happens, I'll be around St. Louis in a couple of weeks--for my honeymoon! :) I'll definitely check it out.

  2. That place looks awesome. Much better than Video Gaming Fun here in Jacksonville.

  3. Thanks Spring! I'm excited to be up and running again!

    Aeon you should check it out next time you are around St.Louis. It isn't far from Fairview Heights, which has a nice mall and a huge Barnes and Noble. It's a good area to visit.