Thursday, April 28, 2011

Emilie Autumn

I got to do something very excellent as a late birthday present this year. Emilie Autumn was in St. Louis at the Fubar and tickets were only $13 pre-sale! This was an incredible bargain to see her amazing live show.

Her stage set-up and some of her logos have a Steampunk flair to them. If you are into literature, especially Shakespearean, you recognize many of the themes in her music.

At the back of the stage was a big clock with a shadowy silhouette that was sometimes this adorable rat and sometimes Emilie or one of her Crumpets (the girls who are part of her merry band).

Once the show started it was about three hours of amazing singing, violin performance, dancing, pirate stilt-walking, and tea flying everywhere! There was also a sword fight and of course the rat-game (for those who know what that is). EA's next album, F.L.A.G. will be out in a year or so (hopefully) so be sure to see her live when she goes on tour again!

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  1. One of the great (under-rated) performers of our time.