Sunday, November 28, 2010

Zombie Game Design

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I enjoyed some gluten free corn casserole and mashed sweet potatoes (my brother made the casserole, yum!)

I have actually been working a lot on graphic design for various projects at school and some side projects with a very talented professional (top secret though).

In the rest of the free time I've been trying to get everything done for my game at school. I have to finish the chipset music for it and my Mr. Geek is recording some metal riffs. I'm not ready to unleash my guitar playing on an unsuspecting world (who would cover their ears!).

Here's some of the early design stuff for one of the zombie PC's in the game.

This is a quick sketch that I did and scanned into the computer. From there I cleaned up the area around the image. When I was working on the sketches I left the sketchbook out and my cats walked all over it, smearing the paper.

Since this game has low-res graphics and is not a full screen game I kept the drawings very simple.

Next, I began to color them in Photoshop (I have Elements student edition).

I wanted the zombie to have paradoxically gentle coloring compared to her goals in the game itself and so I went with soft colors and textures.

I am also making all the backgrounds and the npc's. So I better get back to work!

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