Tuesday, November 16, 2010

IT Crowd...v1.??

This doesn't look like the typical scene from your average computer repair lab, now does it?

Today we had to use DBAN to wipe the drives on those poor monsters we hack up on a regular basis. The professor had warned us it would take awhile and an awesome classmate of ours brought an N64 and a TV. God Bless 'em.

We played Smash Bros (I ran as Samus and later Kirby) and Golden Eye while DBAN ate up the drives like a slow acid spill.

Aside from this life in the IT program continues on as incredibly busy. We are deep in the throes of working on our Java games. I am making the art right now and coding and coding and coding.

In the past few weeks I have been privileged to hear from some amazing speakers at my clubs and at conferences here on campus. I also got to teach a group of 11-13 year old girls the fine art of basic computer networking and setting up WiFi.

Here's a view of the Smart Board with the presentation loaded up. It was an amazing experience. The girls were engaged and willing to learn and 3 of them hope to work in engineering or IT. I also got to meet a professor who has been on sabbatical. She was very inspiring and I enjoyed working with her and the other two students for the presentation.

At an Innovations Conference two weeks ago I got to hear from industry leaders from Microsoft to Motorola and a really awesome Crash Space speaker with a Maker Bot:

He had a photo of it with a "Tea, Earl Gray Hot" cup on it, but I didn't get a good picture of it. Yes, this 3-D printer that you see before you could very well be the forerunner to the Replicator...

So, that's my busy life right now. I'm planning on going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter despite the fact that next week our campus is closing down early due to financial strains, thus interrupting my job and putting me in a very, very tight spot for what will turn out to be most of December and January. I must persevere!

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