Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween and Fishnets!

Hey guys!

It's Friday and around here that can only mean fishnets! Since Halloween is coming up you will notice that I changed my banner to include a costumed 8-bit Chronic Geek wearing fishnet gloves.

I am interested in hearing some of your Halloween costume stories! Have you ever donned fishnets to dress as a vampire? You can bet that I have! If you are dressing up for Halloween what will you be wearing?


  1. I'm thinking about either a femme Boba Fett costume or a Star Trek costume - it depends what I end up doing. :) The Boba costume would have fishnets.

  2. Once while stopping for some cigarettes with friends, we were approached by a man in a trenchcoat. He asked what we were all dressed as, and we told him. We asked him the same, to which he responded "I'm...the flasher." At which point he whips open the coat to reveal nothing but what the good Lord gave him on his birth, except for a piece of white cardboard attached to his naughty bits which read CENSORED.

    Wish I had thought of it.