Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cool Dice Containers

This past Saturday I spent a very fun afternoon at a brewery on the Mississippi river at Brewfest! I'll be posting a full re-cap a bit later.

For now I wanted to share with you some very cool ways that people were keeping their dice safe and cozy at our game table.

Kitteh is hungry 4 ur dice! Meow!

Magic scroll container? Well, maybe, but it's also a mega tube o'dice for the gamer.

Naturally we had our Dragon Chow dice bags going. While we were gaming some random figures represented wild cats on the hexmat. The random figures included this little Ewok whose "cat" counterpart in-game I really, really wanted to kill.

You can see some wedding dice from my friend's wedding and the blue dice is from Gen Con. Actually, the Ewok could have represented my Kobold since you know in the game I was playing kobolds are ugly little dog creatures that eat people. Sounds like an ewok to me.


  1. The kitty dice bag is DOUBLE GEEK... that's the Cat Mascot from Azumanga Daioh

  2. WOOPS! I meant Lucky Star! I got my slice of life anime mixed up there!

  3. Thank you! I knew it was from an anime but I couldn't think of which one!

  4. Oh the tube is an awesome idea... I might need to make something like that.