Monday, October 18, 2010

Dethklok's IT Dept is a bunch of Ladies

Everyone always wonders where the women are at in the tech fields. Well, I discovered the answer to this question as I was catching up to the new season of Metalocalypse on Apparently, the infamous band Dethklok has many of them working as Klokateers in their web division...

If you haven't watched the show let me tell you a bit about it. The basic premise is that Dethklok is the most amazing metal band in the world. Using dark comedy and the perfect amount of gore Brendon Small gives the viewer an animated show that perfectly captures metal culture, while parodying it at the same time. If you love metal, have been in a band or go to a lot of shows you immediately get the humor. You also get the feeling you know some of the people in show...

I've been watching Dethklok since it premiered and count it among my all time favorite television shows. When Brendon Small first put a band together to represent Dethklok and went on tour to college campuses I was lucky enough to be attending one of the few colleges that they visited. Small sounded incredible live and the drumming by Gene Hoglan rivaled anything out of a drum machine on the show. It was a glorious night with Small and the band in darkness while a screen overhead showed extended cuts from the show and scenes with Face Bones.

Ok, back to the IT thing. Murderface (the bassist) is in the middle of a very dirty bet with Skwisgaar (lead guitarist) and heads off to find some ladies. This results ultimately in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Yuck! These women are just trying to keep the web side of the band's business going!

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  1. OMG. I haven't watched Metalocalypse since high school! I think my favorite parts EVER are the ones with Dr. Rockso. It's just hilarious to me (I'm easily amused, of course). :)