Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boo and Blogs!

Who's scaring up trouble this time of year? Boo!

As the week draws to a close my weekend Halloween plans are troubled by the amount of Java coding I am faced with, due before Tuesday. I must persevere! Hopefully the braiiins I eat this weekend in my zombie form will sustain me and increase my nerd skills. At the end of every semester in Grad School I always did a Lvl. UP tweet on my old twitter that showed my stat increase. This semester I've been doing fast leveling, methinks.

So! I'm very excited about developments on the many wonderful blogs I read. My commenting is down due to time crunches, but I'm still loving everyone's writing. Geek with Curves has a cool post about pumpkin carving up. The Green Lantern corps pumpkins are brilliant! (Oh, comics. I have not gotten my pull list in two weeks due to my work schedule!)

Be sure to check out my blog list on the lower right. There is some great content up, as usual! Let me give you some examples.... Nerds in Babeland can be found at a new URL and have some Halloween make-up tips in video form. Girl Gone Geek miss graphic design extraordinaire has an awesome Peach Halloween banner and really great entries from NYC Comic Con.



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  1. Ah, I honestly don't think other majors can quite comprehend the horrors of trying to get a program done in time. I have many memories of saying up until 4 AM, dialing into the school's UNIX server and trying to get my C++ code to work. To this day, when I hear an old-school modem stomach turns.

    And yet I miss it. Go figure.

    Is Java anything like C++?