Saturday, September 4, 2010

Zombie Dice

Do you even dare to reach your hand in a canister such as this? Zombie Dice is a putrid party game that you play with decaying dice. The dice comes loaded with fangs and wants to eat your brains or your fingers or whatever it can sink its rotting teeth into!

So now that you don't want to play this game let me tell you what it's really like.

Zombie Dice is by Steve Jackson Games and it if we want to be alliterative, a better description is that it's a portable party game. All the pieces you need are the dice and the canister (which has a very solid lid that makes storage easy).

Playing the game is simple. You draw out 3 dice at a time, throw them to get your result and depending on what you get either earn points or lose your turn .

You are trying to roll for brains. Each color of dice including green, red and yellow has a different ratio of brains to shotgun blasts to footsteps.

If you get three footsteps on the first throw you lose your turn because your victims got away. If at any time you reach three shotgun blasts you don't get any points and your turn ends. So you must be savvy about the number of brains that will satiate your zombie lust. If you don't keep your points at the right time and your next roll is a shotgun blast that takes you up to 3 hits then you don't get any of your brain points.

The more delicious brains you get the better! You are trying to be the first person to reach 13 points by "eating" 13 brains.

This is another game that can have added layers to it if you tell little stories about what's happening, but it's not necessary to do anything more than roll the dice to have a fun time.

I wonder if you could do a variation of the rules to try to kill zombies by getting shotgun blasts instead of brains? Or footsteps? In any case I think this game would be great to play with people who don't normally indulge in gaming.


  1. Sounds like a nice, cheap game. I like cheap. :)

  2. :) Lol. Compared to a lot of games it does have a good price. I think it's $13.33. Yep, gimmicky.

  3. This is my way to talk non-gamers into playing something quick. :D