Monday, September 6, 2010

IT Crowd v. 1.2

Java programming is my new best friend. I remember really enjoying the basic programming that I used to do and now that I am taking courses in IT the thrill has returned.

This past week I took apart a computer in the repairs class, did some basic network stuff, discussed systems analysis, and of course spilled plenty of code across the screen.

The work is not without its physical limitations. For one thing I'm a very petite person. In most of the labs the bench with the computer and, or monitor is pretty high and forgot about the shelf that holds the router. Much like a lot of things in this world the setting is optimized for someone at least 5' 8" or taller. I'm not worried about this though. It means I have reduced leverage, but I am going to track down a stool. This reality is part of the reason why I'm glad I'm not going into EST or hardware repair. I can imagine having difficulties at some places because of my hobbity size. Of course, I'm partially joking, but you never know...

Aside from this 'small' issue the work is a perfect fit. Here's part of the old computer that I will be repairing as the semester progresses and our professor plays tricks on us:

Still, a vast improvement over the computer I built in 1996 with a friend. We ran out of screws and tied the hard drive in with a shoelace. Yes, it ran fine.


  1. That's one hell of a CPU cooler. Looks kinda like a Dell. Must be about 4-5 years old. I'd guess about the time of the early core duos.

  2. Hi there :) I have a friend who needs to interview a programmer of some form for a school project, would you be interested in helping out?

  3. Oh, nevermind, she apparently needed someone living in Stockholm : / sorry to be a bother!

  4. James: Yes! You are correct. I believe it's a 2005 model, but don't quote me.

    Saffron: No bother at all. I would have helped out your friend. :)

  5. I worked on a lot of those in my time. Let me know if you need another head to think about anything your prof. throws at you. I'd be more than happy to help out.