Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Going to Brewfest

Those of you that play WoW recognize this scene.

It's Brewfest! My DK is getting drunk, riding rams, and giving me a wicked gaming hangover with the wavy screens of doom that you get when your character gets her drink on.

What if you could go to "Brewfest" ?!

Well, when I picked up my comic book pull list today I found a flier advertising just such an event. It's a regional gaming convention happening within driving distance of me!

Brewfest 2010 is in its 2nd year. My friendly local game shop guy recounted me with some tales of last year's event when I picked up my comic books. Apparently the location is lovely and they have a dumbwaiter that delivers beer and food to the second floor. It's a local brewery and it sounds awesome. I'm not sure with the gluten issues if I'll be able to sample the beer, but the games that are going on sound like fun! I am looking forward to a day or two of table-top RPG's and checking out the Warhammer Tournaments. I don't have enough figures yet to play myself, but I will at some point!

If you live in the area registration ends Oct.1.

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