Friday, September 24, 2010

Geeky Bridesmaid....Librarian Style?

It's Fishnet Friday and today I am featuring my bridesmaid ensemble from last weekend! The wedding was a lot of fun.

I will do another post featuring some of the fun elements of the wedding, such as the favors. You guys will love them!

So I am wearing green fishnets, sweet lolita shoes from Bodyline Japan, and a Time Turner necklace as one of my accessories.

Yes, a time turner. The bride and I both really love Harry Potter and I don't own very much gold or brass colored jewelry, so I went for it.

After I got everything put together I realized that I looked, in my mind, like a librarian bridesmaid!


  1. Are you going to cover yourself for Fishnet Friday?

  2. This is the best bridesmaid outfit I have ever seen. :D