Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dr. Who meet Dr. House....

What would you get if you combined Dr. Who with some of the many other illustrious and not so illustrious TV doctors? Mash-ups are the weirder part of pop-culture. Do anything a bit off and I will tend to like it. So, the other night after watching an episode of House on Amazon I suddenly began to wonder what a Dr. Whouse would be like.

I originally began watching House on Amazon a month ago after mulling it over for quite some time. Hugh Laurie was so funny on Black Adder in his younger years and I finally decided to give his American persona a try. Since then I've noticed like several popular TV shows I like that there are some fun references that pop up now and again. As for what triggered the Dr. Who and Dr. House combo I will never know.

Dr. Who will always be the fourth doctor for me, as played by Tom Baker. So, I've decided to match up Laurie and Baker. I went on a search and I discovered that they both appear in Black Adder II, but not on the same episodes! In an interesting TV medical doctor connection Tom Baker played Prof. Hoyt a surgeon at a teaching hospital on a show called Medics. Hmm.

Dr. Whouse is a Time Lord who travels through time popping Vicodin (not Jelly Belly candies) and alternates between screwing with people for his own amusement, changing and then changing back people's lives, sleeping with women, and solving the mysteries of the ages. His inner nature is a struggle between a desire to do good because he has seen his people destroyed and a desire to mess things up for his own superior pleasures.

Dr. Whouse has as his companion another Time Lord, the lovely Wilsona.

While Dr. Whouse could presumably have his pick of infamous men or women to be his companion only a troubled soul like Wilsona will do. Wilsona has the keen advantage of also being a Time Lord. Certainly Dr. Whouse has other companions, but Wilsona stands out as the best able to temper his wilder impulses.

Well, I could go on, but I won't. The two graphics I made very quickly on a break today when I had access to Photoshop. The second one I had to finish in Paint. Sigh.

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  1. Imagine the cross-audience appeal this series would have. We must make it!