Friday, July 16, 2010

Table-top Updates

Our Call of Cthulhu game has not had a session in quite some time. Ah, scheduling. The other game, our DnD turned Pathfinder game of the past two years, has had two sessions since I last posted about it and we are going to run again tomorrow.

The background on our game is that the original group (my Ranger and the Bard are the only two surviving original members) was hired to kill Orcs. Oh, but it's never as simple as that, is it? In the midst of our questing we, or if I want to be specific THE BARD, unleashed an ancient and not so delicious horror. Ever since then we have been used by various factions to try to fix this. Many terrible and some terribly hilarious things have happened including my Ranger accidentally being owned by the Lord of the Hunt when we traversed into an Other World. Still, she did what she thought was best in the situation and ended up having to make a pact with him to save her party from a fight that we could never win. My Ranger favours women more than men, but hey if it comes down to it maybe being owned by the Lord of the Hunt won't be so bad for her...*dirty*

Well, during our last two sessions we reached the Fell Lands and entered a keep in which all hell broke loose and we discovered that someone (*cough*magic-user*cough*) had been keeping secrets that lead to all manner of awesome events. Our entire party "died" temporarily and we found ourselves in a weird state of suspension in which we met a very powerful and ancient magic-user who presumably told us what was really going on. Of course my character gave up trusting anyone a long time ago. She is so battle-scarred that aside from being happy near any forest she just basically wants to kill until her time is up.

Suffice it to say there is a god on the loose who needs to be bound and the hearts we have been going after are integral to this.

After returning from our trip to the world of the not-quite dead we found ourselves resurrected about as far away from our target as possible within the known geography of the world. Yay! Oh yeah, and we had Resurrection sickness too...hehe. After some willow bark tea at an inn, some business in town, and then a visit from an Elf that was beautifully described by our DM we found ourselves for at least the second time causing an inn-keeper to flee and having to run the place. The Barbarian and the Cleric have been trying to learn instruments and work with the Bard. Meanwhile our Druid has a huge grizzly bear sitting in all his glory inside the inn demanding honey covered fish. Naturally, the whole evening was capped off by the appearance of a whole bunch of undead that were hard as hell to kill.

Oh boy I bet the Knights of Kahn will NEVER figure out where we are after that little scuffle. Yes, we also found out that there has been a wanted poster circulating for some time with our original party members on it.

Tomorrow when we game we just have to figure out how to sneak in and kill someone very important. Yeah, that should be easy.

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