Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Fishnet Friday!

On the hunt for items from the past we came across Marvel Triple Action 23 a comic book from 1974 featuring The Avengers, Goliath, Power Man, and Black Widow. Stan Lee, Frank Giacoia, Don Heck and Sam Rosen worked on this.

The existence of this book in the old collection is kind of an anomaly, so it must have been picked up on a whim of some kind. Everything else was from the late 80's up to the mid 90's.

The cover tells you what is going on. Goliath can't change back to normal size and the Black Widow is up to no good. However, the cover version of her outfit is vastly different from what I found inside the book.

Since it's fishnet Friday you can probably guess what she looks like...

Madam Natasha has been brainwashed to destroy the Avengers as we learn from the panels in the image on the right. She goes to see The Swordsman and even though he's at a circus he seems surprised to see "A girl in costume". I think he resembles Lando a little bit in this image and when I did a search for images of Lando I immediately found this:

Kindred spirits divided in by several years, space, and franchises...

But, back to the fishnets.

I think what we see in this comic book is an example of the liberalization of the Comics Code that began in the early 70's. This book is also part of the Bronze Age of comics and you can see the artwork is pretty colorful and sharp.

Sometime in the future I'll scan in some of the ads and do a post about them because they are truly awesome!


  1. Hehe! Great find. I am totally laughing at the Lando connection also.

    I had forgotten that Natasha wore a costume like that.

    If I had just seen those panels by themselves, I would have guessed that it was an early costume of Black Canary!

  2. Yes it does remind me of the blue and black Black Canary costume a little bit too.

    The Lando thing was so random, but my mind is always making weird connections. Somewhere in there the wiring is crossed. Hehe.