Saturday, July 3, 2010

St. Louis

Now, this is a crossbow that my ranger would enjoy:

17th C. Crossbow

The St. Louis Art Museum is a free of charge destination with rotating special exhibits that require tickets, but the majority of the space is free. Three floors of awesome artifacts, beautiful works of art, and a glimpse into many time periods.

When I visited with Anne (of Distilled Geek Commentary) I spent an untoward amount of time in the weapons and armour section in the basement. Aside from finding this massive sword that was much larger than myself:

Sword: Bigger than Me...

We also found armour that was my size and a group of mummies that fell victim to my dark sense of humour.

Mummy Tickle

I've visited museums around the world to look at weapons and armour and I have seen the traveling exhibit that came here from the Kremlin with the "Treasures of the Tsars" in the early 1990's. I'm always struck by the beauty in objects of war from centuries past. This mail was particularly beautiful in its artful symmetry:

Mail 15th C.

You can see more photos at the Chronic Geek Flickr. Some of the photos are not as bright as they could be due to museum restrictions on using the flash and the time of day we visited.


  1. Sadly, the photos we weren't able to take were the ones were Em had to remove that giant sword from the case and fend off a hoard of ninjas in fishnets all sent to steal the art... the museum made us delete those photos before we left :(

  2. That last photo looks like something I would want to knit. Won't be nearly as durable, though, heh.

  3. Awesome artifacts! Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely have to check that museum out whenever I go to St. Louis.

  4. Anne you just made my day!

    Spring you should knit some mail!

    Tasha, this is the barest slice of the museum. I think you'd love it!

  5. I want...nay...I NEED that crossbow!

    (For...decorative purposes, of course.)