Monday, July 5, 2010


Chances are if you attended a school with a Pizza-Hut in the neighborhood you, like I, witnessed the birth of the infamous Book-It Program in 1985. For me, as a child obsessed with reading, this program was unbelievable. I earned so many free things from reading when I was a kid, not just in this program, but in others as well. Don't even get me started on the stuff I won from writing essays for organizations that I now detest...

Ok, so back to Book-It. What I actually liked the best about this program was the big button I had that got star stickers added to it. The pizza was secondary in my mind. Many years later I would find out that I cannot eat anything with gluten in it, so now the whole program has a different connotation in my mind.

Why are we talking about this? I've decided to add a new feature to the blog in which I do a "book report". Our program will be called BOOK HIT! We are taking a hit off some sweet, sweet reads. Or maybe placing a hit out on bad books...

As you can see I re-designed the Book It button to coincide with this momentous event.

I have a stock-pile of geeky books to review, but we will start today with a brand new book that just hit the shelves of my local book store and has its official release tomorrow.

This book is....
Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek by Olivia Munn with Mac Montandon

I have to confess that I don't know a lot about Olivia Munn. I watch television on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Streaming. When an episode of "Attack of the Show" is up on Hulu I watch it, but that is the extent of my Munnology. However, when I was at a book store over the weekend I noticed her book shelved in the Biography/Autobiography section and decided to give it a chance.

Positives: The book is a series of essays that slide from the humourous to the poignant depending on what part of Munn's life is being examined. There are some excellent critiques of Hollywood and the sharing of really uncomfortable stories about LA, that do not name names, but are pretty cringe-worthy. I like that Munn is not afraid to call out misogyny and seems to have a desire to promote the work of women.

Negatives: For the most part there is an absence of the type of self-reflection that I expect from a memoir. However, I think this book should have been shelved in the Humour or Entertainment section. Munn certainly does give us details into her life, but the details are episodic. There are some stories that read as if she is holding a lot back in contrast with other chapters that are more revealing. The change in tone from chapter to chapter makes the book seem disjointed. I also noticed that almost none of the promise of geek revelations are fulfilled. She name drops period appropriate hobbies, but then in the same essay anachronistically applies today's parlance to stuff that happened in the 1980's and 1990's. I understand that she is writing to connect with us today, but I was disappointed.

Other: Some of that disjointedness can be accounted for by the fact that this book is really set-up to be more interactive. There is an image in the bottom right corner of every page that forms a flip-book. Some chapters are just funny lists of things and the dust-jacket has a poster on the inside of it. This stuff is cool and makes the book different. I also had fun reading aloud some of the stories to my husband.

Verdicit: If you enjoy books from the humour section and want to read some wild stories about life in L.A. then this book is for you. It's probably best shared with someone else because it's hilarious to see another person's reaction when you read some of the stories out loud. Ultimately,this book reveals the harsh realities of being female in Hollywood. I think it's a good trend to see actresses like Munn, who are also pin-ups, speaking out about their experiences. We are not used to women that are portrayed as sexy being this candid about the process. Munn has an honesty about things that doesn't sugar-coat what life is like for women like herself, but she presents her views in a sharp, comedic tone that I think will get through to people who may not otherwise be concerned about the treatment of women.


  1. I dont really know al lot about Olivia meself except from what I see of her on the G4 Network. I did hear about this book though, and until I read your review, I really had no idea what it was about.

    Thanks for the info!

  2. I adored Book-It. I didn't really understand how it worked until I got older, but shiny stars and free pizza for reading which I was going to do anyway was awesome in my book. Probably would never have gone to Pizza Hut otherwise.

    I find Munn fascinating in a chicken/egg way regarding her geeky fame. I'd probably read it to find more about her, but I don't think I'd buy it.

  3. Book-It! Oh I loved that program. I was also a sucker for stickers and pizza. It was a really smart idea from their marketing department.

    I like the new feature. I know only a little about Olivia Munn too. I had no idea she had a book. Based on your review, I think it sounds enjoyable... but maybe something I'd wait until someone lends me. ;)