Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pride, Prejudice and Primal Moon Cloth

Several years ago I moved to a new region and into an apartment building full of tiny studios. One of my first priorities was getting the internet going and after a couple of days the quest was completed. A friendly cable guy came by, enjoyed my Adult Swim posters and I was back on the magical world wide web and of course back on WoW.

Well, that night I went downstairs and saw a curious hand-written note stuck to the announcement board. It was written in a desperate scrawl on torn paper and it said:
Do you play Warcraft?
I do.
My internet won't be hooked up for days And
I need to log on and make PRIMAL Mooncloth for my GUILD.
Call me xxx-xxx-xxxx

Oh how I wish I had a photo of that lonely piece of paper. It was the only thing up on the announcement board. I stared at it and contemplated the consequences of dialing that number. This person really needed my help. That primal mooncloth was not going to make itself. What if the person got kicked from his or her guild? What if I was the only other WoW player and the only one who could help?

I went about the rest of my night and figured the person would get internet faster than the estimate and be okay. However, the next evening the note was still up. It looked even lonelier and accusatory than it had the previous night. I knew that Jesus would want me to let this person use my internet. Yes because Jesus cares about gaming. A lot. And He Saves...

I even considered meeting the person with my lap top at a public place with wifi. At the time the only thing in my apartment was a coffee table, a TV on a bookshelf, and some blankets on the floor. I couldn't imagine Wow Player in there sitting on the floor with me making mooncloth and avoiding talking.

Well that night turned into several days and the note stayed up, but I knew I couldn't dial that number. There were too many variables.

Now that I have you all in the proper mood let's have a CONTEST!


The very awesome Geek Soap was cool enough to send me a Hearthstone Soap to give away! As you can see it actually works. I travel to Dalaran on business at least once a day, but it's not to make mooncloth...

This soap is fantastic. It smells great and is vegan friendly!

To enter leave a comment here about a funny or strange experience you have had while playing an MMORPG. The contest will stay open until Friday August 6th and I will roll the dice at Gen Con to determine the winner!

(If the animated Gif is bothering you hit the ESC key and it will stop cycling ^_^)


  1. Hearthstone!!

    In my WoW days, I was a tauren druid named Underpants. I wasn't amazingly good at WoW, but I was in a friendly guild of Canadians and we all knew how to have fun playing the game. One day out in the salt flats area another tauren character came up to mine with a very 'high-fantasy' sounding name. He proceeded to tell me that my character's name showed that I didn't take WoW seriously enough, and characters like mine were why the horde got ganked by alliance. "because of people like you the alliance doesn't take us seriously," he said.

    I responded that the alliance was mostly 14 year olds at the time and they took nothing seriously, and that I never went into PvP areas. He followed me, continuing to explain why I was hurting the horde's reputation. I told him that he should think about trying to have fun sometime.

  2. Haha! I love the animated gif. I've never played an MMORPG, but I've played tons of regular RPGS. A funny story would be me as a child skipping school in 6th grade so that I could beat Final Fantasy VII - which I did! Woohoo! I wonder what I missed that day... =]

  3. i've played on and off for almost 3 years now. nothing particularly strange has happened but after about a year i stopped playing and probably never would have come back except that it turned out the guild master of my brother's guild went to my very small college with me so they talked me in to switching to horde and to their server and being in their guild (the guy i went to college with and my brother are like the top two raid healers on the server and i'm like the ultimate non-raider with 100 non combat pets and the loremaster title as my current goals).

  4. i think the strangest thing that's happened to me is that i play warcraft!! my boyfriend is a die hard addict, and i said 'ehh, why not join him and see what all the fuss is about!' that was almost a year ago and i am absolutely addicted!! i am having so much fun with my (oh no, don't judge me) night elf hunter!
    maybe i'll have a really neat story once i hit 80 and start doing all the crazy things associated with 80! (almost there!)

  5. After having an embarrasing "I am invincible" moment at Level 60 in Zul Farrak, I made some of the greatest friends. Who would have thought wiping their group would have been a laughing and bonding experience? I GM a guild with my boyfriend and they joined up having been searching for a home and great times ensued.

    With that said, a year later my boyfriend and I attend their wedding. It was about 4 hours south of us we were the out of towners. The thing to note here is that we weren't introduced by our names (that came later) we were introduced as guildmates and avatar names! While it was entertaining its just one of those moments in a gamers life where sometimes, you blush a little.

  6. *has a lol over em harthing*


  7. If you're looking kinda weird WoW stories, my entails me rolling a Blood Elf for the first time when a Tauren rolls up to me:

    Tauren: Hey. Wanna come with me for a second?

    Me: Okay. Why?

    Tauren: Check this out. [starts running away]

    Me [following]: Where are we going?

    [Tauren stops behind a rock in Durotar. Suddenly, one by one, each article of clothing disappears from him.]


    And then I plug-pulled. I get embarrassed by things like that quite easily, heh.