Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Fishnet Friday!

Felicia Day!

Next week I will be at Gen Con where I will hopefully get in to listen to Felicia Day discuss her work on The Guild and maybe even get an autograph.

Felicia Day has to be one of my favorite people on the internet. Her show The Guild proved that web-based television can succeed in the marketplace. Not only does she write a hilarious series about gamers that includes a diverse cast, but Day also wrote prequels to the show in the form of The Guild comic book series. Her blog includes book reviews that she writes and lets her share her creative experiences with her fans.

Day's background is even more interesting to me as a nerdy girl. She studied opera and ballet, then in college double majored in math and violin performance. I mean come on! If the universe was different she probably would have been on my scholastic bowl team!

Felicia Day is exactly the kind of person that Hollywood needs and I'm very grateful for the hard work she does to bring entertainment to life that resonates with those of us who who don't fit in the entertainment industry's narrow molds. She's really an internet pioneer.

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