Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gen Con : The Fun Coverage

Going to Gen Con? Well, if you aren't then I hope to deliver some of the experience to you vicariously. I really enjoyed SDCC even though I wasn't there and I hope those not attending Gen Con might feel the same way. Hehe.

Gen Con is four days (and one night since stuff technically starts on the 4th) of gaming held in downtown Indianapolis. You buy a badge to attend and then get tickets to join games from Magic to Settlers of Catan to LARPing and everything else you can imagine. For example, one game that I wasn't in time to get tickets for is being run off of the DC Universe system but the world it is set in is the world of the Venture Brothers. Oh man, I wish I was in that game! I could end up killed by Bowie!

There are some huge name events that I am very excited about that I'll be writing about more in the future (*cough* FELICIA DAY *cough*).

Aside from the chances to game there will also be a zombie walk, costume contest and many opportunities to party.

Over at G33Kmade the folks have put up details about their booth #2732 which will include a wide variety of excellent items. I can't wait to check it out. G33Kmade is also hosting a Tweet Up which sounds like an excellent time.

If anyone has any tips for me about attending this Con let me know.


  1. I highly recommend ear plugs... I have it on VERY GOOD authority that one or more of your roommates for the Con snore loudly :P

  2. See my earlier post about sleeping in convention settings. :)

  3. I did! I just thought it was funny to bring up :P