Saturday, July 24, 2010

CONS & Sleep: I'm your BIGGEST Fan!

Following up on Monday's post about low-cost and in-room dining at conventions I wanted to share another post with some advance planning tips.

I am so excited about GEN CON and reading twitter updates for SDCC just amped up the excitement level of waiting for the convention. GEN CON (and another event that I got tickets for that I will talk about later) is part of my gift to myself for completing my Master's Degree in 18th Century Literature. While I would love to take myself to Tokyo, back to Hong Kong, or to Ireland to really celebrate the economy made me look much closer to home. Hey, I'm not complaining.

With that in mind for most of us the reality of attending a convention in an economical fashion includes things like sharing a room and sharing a ride. Luckily riding with a group or taking mass transit to get to a Con is also environmentally friendly.

Even if you aren't sharing a room the first thing you need to think about when staying somewhere long-term is the reality of getting some sleep. At most hotels during convention season you will be dealing with a lot of noise. Double that if you are sharing a room and will have people coming in and out at different times. Hell, during the last Renaissance Faire I stayed at there were men in the next room howling like monkeys at the TV at 1 AM (not Faire-goers by the way).

My best suggestion with trying to sleep in guerrilla conditions is bringing a long a very small fan. If you put this on the nightstand at the hotel and pop in some earplugs you have increased chances of feeling awake enough to pay attention during panels and when meeting your favorite actors, artists, or writers.

I've also read tips from other convention goers who had success downloading free or .99 cent white noise generators for the iPods and people listening to whatever MP3 player they brought along.

You may also be thinking of that other magical way of sleeping through anything: a lot of alcohol. This will work in most situations, but if you party every night at a Con you will at the very least feel like Cthulhu is in your brain and likely begin to resemble him as well.... I suppose the partying theme should be saved for a future post.

What are some things that have worked for you to bring you sweet dreams during conventions?

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