Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Comics: Loki

Earlier today I picked up the one-shot Siege Loki.

The art was stunning and the story had many threads to it which made for what felt like a much longer book, in a good way.

It makes me wish we could see a semi-regular Loki title published, or at least a short series.

Here's a view of Loki and if you think that looks good wait till you see the breathtaking work on Hel.

Honestly, I'd judge this one-shot to be superior to the Sif title, which is kind of a shame. Don't get me wrong, Sif was intense and moody and a great read, but this Loki book just had, well as the guys in Metalocalypse would say, "ZAZZ".

Just for kicks here's a view from the Sif one-shot.
She looks fantastic and she certainly kicks some ass while battling internal demons from her past.

Ultimately, I'm just delighted that Marvel did both of these stories and I'm looking forward to more.

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