Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm Infected. Now it's only a matter of time.

This morning I drove to Free Comic Book Day and as I circled around the one-way streets in downtown I was astounded to see dozens of otherwise normal human beings had been viciously turned, infected, and had become the walking dead...

I jumped from the car at the red light, leaving my companion behind and began snapping photos of the phenomena, but the zombies noticed. Their slow, purposeless shamble became a surprising mad dash as they came after me. I ran, screaming down the block and around the corner. There I waited popping out to snap more photos, wishing desperately that I had some kind of weapon. A group of them passed by me and I was still safe. Then disaster struck. The original trio of fast, angry zombies began running for me once again. I tried to get into the comic book shop, but the door was blocked. What would I do?

The zombies gave chase. Finally, I was safe again as they went after other prey, but the story doesn't end there. Once I was in the comic book shop I found more zombies waiting for me. At first they didn't seem to notice, distracted by all the free comic books, but then out of nowhere a female zombie sprung from around a corner and bit me in the shoulder, hard.

So, although I am home now with some excellent free comic books I don't know how long I'll last.

The scoop is our town had a Zombie Walk today that coincided neatly with Free Comic Book Day! It was incredibly fun. A Marvel comic artist was at the shop doing sketches and zombies were everywhere!

I will post about the comics later!

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