Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Fishnet Friday!

Every Friday we will celebrate the sexy fashion accessory fishnets, whether it be in stocking form or worn on the upper body as gloves or undershirts. It's fish on Fridays for us! (Forgive me).

We might think of goth or punk fashion when it comes to this look, but fishnets are a great accessory that seem to enhance the appearance of one's body. Sexy stuff. What do fishnets give to the characters that wear them? Confidence, disarming the enemy, and a nod to the inner nature of the character's personality are all possible reasons to add fishnets to one's wardrobe..

Today we will honour the DC character, Black Canary. Future installments will look at characters (of any gender) across a broad spectrum of games, comics, manga and film that happen to rock some hardcore fishnet goodness. I'd also love to have readers submit their own geeky use of fishnets whether worn for a Rocky Horror Picture Show celebration, a con, or hell even playing games at home. If you are a geek we want to see your fishnet pride!

Golden Age Cover Art (Right Image)
Artist's Website (Left Image)
©2010 *windriderx23

Black Canary is one of the older group of female comic book characters and premiered in 1947. Since then she has appeared in numerous story lines, in her own books, and as a part of the excellent series Birds of Prey. Black Canary is two characters, however, Dinah Drake and her daughter Dinah Lance, the current Black Canary.

As you can see fishnets play an important role in Black Canary kicking ass. Happily, we will see more of the Dinah's adventures as she returns in the Gail Simone headed Birds of Prey.

I would love to include the Ame Comi figure of Black Canary, since I love that line of manga styled DC characters, but she's not wearing fishnets! We'll save her for a future post.

In the meantime get ready and subscribe if you haven't to the new Birds of Prey that is coming out May 12!

Image copyright DC Comics
*I want to note that this series is inspired by a friend who started wearing fishnets on friday!*

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