Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Wednesday!

It's that day again. Wednesday. A meaningful day to lovers of comic books.

Recently I began buying the new books in a store rather than online. I missed the sense of comic books being an experience that the physicality of going into a shop and subscribing offers. Some titles I still get through the mail, but I've been sampling new series and story lines lately and really enjoying it.

When I went into the shop today I had a quick chat with the guy working there about the new Birds of Prey coming out and that was enjoyable. The shop has all the free comic books for Free Comic Book Day ready to go and I am very intent on getting the Mouseguard/Fraggle Rock one, but it's entirely for the Fraggle Rock content, I will admit.

Actually, this weekend will offer up a plethora of very fun events that I promise will make for some interesting posts! Let's just say it involves zombies and leave it at that.

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