Thursday, August 16, 2012

Star Trek Exhibit

 As I stood looking into Captain Picard's ready room, a ship's hallway stretching out behind me, a rush came over me. Then there were a few tears. How much of my childhood did I dream of being on the Enterprise? I was a faithful viewer of TNG when it was on air. Back then Star Trek novels filled my bookshelves and action figures littered the floor next to my girly pink bed.

So, how did I find myself visiting such wonders as the 1701-D bridge and the transporter room?

This spring I had the chance to visit Star Trek the Exhibition at the St. Louis Science Center. This traveling museum exhibit features everything from costumes to sets from the entire breadth of the Star Trek television show and movie franchise. Going to this exhibit was a dream come true.

As you entered the exhibit the captain's chair from TOS is awaiting you with a green screen behind it. We had our photo taken and then made our way into the first part of the exhibit. A large table full of scripts greeted us. The walls were covered in sketches, diagrams, photos, and a mixture of real science facts with information about the Star Trek universe.

Photos were not permitted inside of the exhibit. I wish I could have snapped shots of the large models of ships used in exterior shots on the show. There were also plenty of props from communicators to phasers.

One very cool, large piece was Data's torso inside of machinery used to work on androids. I have to admit I started singing "I Can Make You a Man" from Rocky Horror...

Seeing the costumes on display was pretty shocking because most of them are tiny! It's amazing how slender even male actors are.

Probably, the coolest item I got from the visit was a picture of us on the transporter which had an effect added to it.

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  1. My family and I visited earlier this year (thanks to your heads up) and it was one of the most fun and exciting trips ever!