Saturday, April 30, 2011

Flooding and Dandies

There are three roads going out of the town I live in and one is closed due to flooding. My area of the US is having record flooding right now and I wanted to share a bit of that. The science geek in me would love to take some samples and study them. In high school I got to take a summer science survey course that did surveying for the state rivers and wetlands. It was so fun. This situation, however, is not so fun. If the other road floods I won't be able to make it to school or even worse, to work.

Well, check it out:

This video also links to a new channel on Youtube that I made to showcase my silliness, i.e. making characters and cosplaying as them. more on that later!

Here is another road that is getting close to flooding over. If this one goes then I can't make it out of town. My town has a gas station and a flea market, so prospects aren't good for getting stuck here, but I can always cosplay some more. Whew. This river is usually low and all the water you see was a farm field that I have never seen flood.

I took this photo earlier in the week and the water has actually advanced up to the pavement since then. I don't have an updated picture right now, but I did snap a quick image of the eastern side of the road which is also flooded. The water was up on the shoulder on Friday, having advanced without any rain falling.

It's been raining for several hours and is forecasted to continue into Monday with up to 5 inches so I'm expecting to lose access to this major highway very soon.

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  1. We passed Cairo on the way, they have it even worse than we do. And you're right--we have it pretty bad. Jim and I have a new game: Driving past sites, saying, "Yeah, there's not supposed to be water there...or there...or there..."