Tuesday, September 21, 2010

IT Crowd v1.5

Last week marked my first full month in the IT program. For some of the stuff I've been doing it's been years since I last had exposure to it and some stuff has changed, while some hasn't.

In the very early BRUTAL morning I work on computer repair and problem-solving. We either take specific pieces out and/or have to troubleshoot what is wrong with the system. Our instructor messes with various things before the class.

I got some help from Cthulhu. Actually his static filled little body is pretty dangerous near most parts inside the box. However, he couldn't resist jumping up on the workbench and taking a look.

After what is sometimes an epic repair session I get ready for my Java programming class. Our end project will be a game and our final will consist of the professor and any invited friends playing the game and rating it. That's pretty cool. I really enjoy programming languages. Aside from that I also have a night class working in systems design. It has a really great format.

My networking course and lab comes last and consists of going through prep to take the network certification. We've gotten to play with some fun gadgets in there such as this meter that emits infrared.

I also had a lot of fun in there making a CAT-5 cable which is now hooking up the laptop I use to stream web shows on my TV to the router.

I am really pleased with my decision to pursue an IT degree even though I'm nearing 30 and had a completely different career path in my past. It's worth it and I really encourage others, especially other girls to consider this degree. At least take some classes if you are in school or thinking about going back. It's never too late!


  1. I LOVE reading about your adventures in IT. I cannot believe you made one of those cables - that is awesome! PS - I will of course need a copy of your game at the end of the semester. I CANNOT WAIT TO PLAY IT.

  2. I only did programming--no hardware. Right now, I'm kicking myself for not learning networking at all. I'm probably the only one who can't get wireless working with Vista. (XP, yes. Vista, no.) I'm about tired of the cable cord running across my living room. Grrr. >:(

  3. I made CAT5 cables when I went to Parkland! It was fun, although I can't remember which order the wires go in now. :(

    One thing I have been interested in is the gender gap in nearly all technical fields (but particularly CS/IT). It is nice to see another woman in the field, though. I was practically the only female under the age of 40 at Parkland (nothing against older women at all, but it would be nice to see younger females in the field). I do get why a lot of women aren't interested, and I have actually conducted research on the subject (although I hope to do more later). There seems to be a variety of reasons behind why women aren't interested in these fields. Actually, do you know Belle? She's on sabbatical right now, but I think one of her research projects includes studying the gender gap. I may have to talk to her about it a little more. Anyway, for me personally, I love the field and I'm really glad I chose it. Even if I wasn't going into IT, having technical skills is valuable no matter what field people choose these days.

    I'm not much of a gamer, but I am very geeky in my own ways. So kudos to you for going back to school and choosing IT! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :D