Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So a Demon and the Primate Have Dinner Together...

Do you think that looks bad? Well, this was the setting for the dinner party that my group found ourselves at as the hired entertainment. Last session the Bard and the Barbarian found the scheduled entertainer and dispatched with him once they found him in a large well-appointed suite surrounded by the corpses of children. Lovely.

We were hired by the elves and this group of shape-shifting bird soldiers to go in and kill the city's Primate. He was giving a dinner party and the only way we could sneak in was as the entertainers. This meant that our Barbarian (a group not found this far south except as slaves) had to be a slave. I slapped her in the face at one point when the guards got suspicious. She wasn't being slave-like enough.

The rectangles on the mat represent tables. Most of those figures were actually standing in for dinner guests, but as it turned out at least half of the guests came prepared to fight the Primate. My ranger enjoyed running around on the tables and shooting people once the real festivities began.

So what happened? Did a "demon" really show up to the dinner?

All will be revealed.


  1. DAMN, look at all the little people!

  2. Looks like a seriously long and chaotic encounter, lol. Hope it played out well for everyone.

  3. A well-placed fireball will make all the difference.

  4. Wow. I am assuming the city's Primate is like the city's leader, rather than a big horrendous ape. But that looks like an AWESOME encounter! I for one want to know how the Primate managed to fight against half of the guests as well as the PC's. (And as a side note, that many figs makes me sad, because I only own the one.)