Monday, August 30, 2010

Joining the IT Crowd

Well this title clearly does not refer to me becoming an actor on one of my favorite television shows (too bad, Moss needs an arch-nemesis!). No, what this title means is that as of last week I became a student in an Information Science program.

"But, CG didn't you just finish a Master's Degree in Literature!?", you may not be asking. "Yes" I answer, despite your clear lack of having actually ever asked the question in the first place.

Whew. (Oh and this graphic is my interpretation of the fear other people have of their systems. I hate it when people tell me how much they despise computers. Ergh.)

When I originally graduated with my Bachelor's I initially worked in the IT department of a global corporation located out in the Wild West. I loved the job. I was part of a very small team within the larger IT department. Our team was responsible for setting security access levels on the dozens of programs that the corporation needed employees to use. When someone quit or was fired we had to respond immediately and for new hires or for those who were promoted it was the same case. In one month I completed thousands of such tickets, which tells you how big the company was and still is.

That's not the only computer related job I've held, but it was the one that I remember the most fondly. On Halloween we spent all day working in the dark while a marathon of horror movies played at the front of the room. In the break room the channel was always turned to G4.

So why go back to IT; why now?

I grew up and watched the advancement of computers from the first Apple machines I used in 1986 to the first PC I helped a friend build in 1996. I've been a computer junkie for a long time.
While I was teaching college English courses what I loved the most was using technology to reach the students and creating web-based assignments.

So here I am. I have a lot of reasons for going back to IT, but I don't want to make this post any longer. Instead, I hope to write-up occasional reports from the trenches of IT study.

As usual these reports will have a mix of enthusiastic critique and negative critique. If you've been reading my blog for very long you will notice that I tend to look on the positive side of life. There is a deep set reason for that involving some very bad things life has dished out at me. I tend to be enthusiastic about things that most others might find neutral or inconsequential because I need to latch on to the positive after what I've been through and to enjoy the small things whenever I can because the big things have often been very hard on me.

That said I will close with this. IT ROCKS!
(see what I did there)



  1. I don't find this odd. I have my Associate's in computer programming, my Bachelor's in English (specializing in fiction) with a minor in Psychology. :D

    Life is too short to learn only one thing.

  2. If you're looking to be a programmer, rather than support, security, or infrastructure, be aware that there's a lot of ageism out there. Companies now only (well, mostly) want young programmers that they can pay peanuts. Get some training in addition to programming, and you'll have yourself a nice, secure career. Security is a good way to go because it's needed more and more each day, and hacking is fun :).

    Hope your return to school goes great for you!

  3. Spring, I agree! Life is too short.

    James, I've though about security, but I also love programming. I'll see how things go after I get an internship (hopefully next summer). Hey at least I look young, j/k. :)

  4. Good for you for doing something you enjoy. My (step)father once said 'the key to happiness is to never stop learning,' or something along those lines. In any event, I hope it works out for you. And, incidentally, I love the graphic. As a man who can proudly claim fire as the peak of his technological prowess, I was oddly intimidated by it.

  5. Versatility is awesome! I have a degree in English Literature but I started doing some specialized tech consulting shortly after college was interesting. And I could do it. Sure, some programming classes would've helped me even more, but it worked. Now I'm hoping to bring some of that with me to library school.

    Best of luck in the IT crowd. I'm sure you'll rock it! :)

  6. Valtlord: Thanks so much for the awesome encouragement. I'm glad you like the picture. It's pretty scary. ;P

    Ruth: We are both going after what we want this semester. I hope things going awesome for you at library school. You will rock it! <3