Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gen Con: The Reckoning

Yesterday we spent many hours on the road traveling to Indianapolis. Our journey was mostly uneventful and spent listening to the Geek Nights podcast. We drove in a caravan of two cars and I referred to the lead car as our Tank. Our Tank was made of win and we got straight to the hotel after many hours.

From there we checked into our hotel, the La Quinta. We had requested a fridge and microwave in the room if possible and they delivered. I'm really grateful for that.

Finally, we reached the Convention Center and got in line for our badges. The line snaked around most of the place and getting to the end of it was fairly epic. Happily, the people running things did an excellent job and we got to our badges very quickly. Well, those of us who had badges that were actually printed out...

We went out for gluten-free pizza at Uno Chicago Grill where our waitress thought we were a band. Well, we were all basically wearing black t-shirts. The two guys in our group have long hair and Beth and I have black and pink/red hair. My husband actually is a metal guitarist...

On the drive back to the hotel we discussed bad gaming experiences and I accidentally coined a horrible new breakfast item "Fap Jacks". We fleshed out (if you will) a menu for our new ultra-x themed adult breakfast palace inspired by the many creepy stores we drove past.

While wandering around the hotel last night Beth and I ran into a guy who asked us if we were there for Gen Con. I think our video game shirts gave us away. In retrospect I wish I would have told him that I made my perception roll and that I knew he was there for the Con too.

Well, that's it for yesterday. I have a full schedule of stuff today. Have a good one!

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  1. Be careful with that retrospect comment. He might have thought that you were hitting on him.