Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pauldron of Doom

I ran across this Penny Arcade strip:

Hold on. Sh*t Just Got Real...

Reading this soon after I got back from the Renaissance Farie I had to laugh. The one thing I bought at the Faire was a pauldron with the Horde symbol on it. Sure it didn't really go with my original costume scheme, but I had to wear it:


I am using this as a foundation piece to build a Forsaken Death Knight costume that I hope to have assembled in time for my trip to Gen Con.


  1. That's a pretty sweet pauldron. Look forward to seeing full costume pics. :)

  2. Nice purchase. I actually did not know the name of those. I think I just said something lame like shoulder gauntlet. It's lovely!

  3. Oh, hey, and I didn't even know what a pauldron WAS. I feel enlightened.

  4. Amy and Spring I thought it was a shoulder bracer myself, but I realized it was a pauldron thanks to my WoW playing. Then I ran across this cartoon. The universe converged on me!