Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cape Comic Shops

Cape Girardeau lies on the Mississippi river in south east Missouri. Readers of this blog might recognize it from my post about the Cape Comic Con. Near by is Jonesboro, IL which has an excellent guitar store. Yesterday we took Cthulhu with us to look at guitars and banjos and then headed over to Cape to check out the two comic book stores there. Both of them are located on Broadway near the Southeast Missouri State U.

First up, is the Comic Strip. This shop had a very impressive collection of new and recent comic books displayed across the entire wall in a way that made finding things very easy. The owner was very helpful and we had a fun time at the store looking through issues and picking up a few older books. Also worth noting is that the store has a 10% discount for SEMO students.

I highly recommend that you check it out if you live in the area.

A short drive from this store was our second stop
a store called Marvels and Legends. I really liked this place too. There were some tables set out where people were talking important comic business. :)

The store also had a nice selection of T-shirts and they told me they were getting more in. The girl behind the counter was very helpful and we had fun looking at the action figures on display.

So, check this one out too.


  1. As many times as Jim and I end up in Missouri, why haven't I ever noticed these comic book stores? Grrr. I need to finish my Sandman collection.

    Actually, I *think* we might have been to one of them. Or I might be confusing it with a store in Kentucky.

  2. I didn't know they existed until someone at Castle P mentioned them. I don't know that area too well, but thanks to google I found them. :)