Sunday, June 27, 2010


After some vegan sushi today my friend Anne (of Anne's Distilled Geek Commentary) and I visited our local game store Castle P and after lengthy browsing came away with some excellent games.

Anne bought a game with a seemingly boring name "Employee of the Month", however this proved to be a very fast paced and easy to learn game. You have cards representing favours you owe to co-workers and your boss and then in turn you get cards representing other's suspicions, kudos and brownie points. Basically, if you gamble right and follow the math you can screw the other players and be awarded with "Employee of the Month". We each won a game and earned the suspicion of different parties.

Next, up is a game that I have been waiting to purchase for quite awhile. "GLOOM"!

In this game you assume the role of one of four families (you can also buy expansion decks). The goal is to lower the self-worth of the individual members of your family while raising the self-worth of your opponent's and finally killing off your own family members. The things that befall your characters are comically awful. At the end the player whose family dies off first and with the most negative self-worth at death wins. If you like the Addams Family and have a spooky/dark sense of humour then this game will delight you.

What's even more fun about this game is that it encourages you to tell a story with each modifying self-worth card that you lay down. Anne and I without even consulting each other naturally took on the roles of the very darkly comedic town gossips and dished to each other about each thing that happened. I really enjoyed bestowing good fortune on Anne's characters to try to win the game, while torturing my own characters.

The cards themselves are gorgeous. Done in the style of Edward Gorey they are unique as they are clear!


  1. I bought this recently but haven't yet played it. Is it something easy enough to play with just two? Trying to figure out if I should wait until we can get friends over or just get the husband to play with me.

  2. Ooh, Gloom sounds like it would be fun. I like the storytelling aspect, and those clear cards are a selling point too. :)

  3. Ruth, it's very easy for two people. We opened it, read the rules out loud and started up right away. :)

    Amy, the clear cards are really amazing. There are so different and it sounds weird, but I think they make it more fun. You stack up points on your character using the clear cards, so that's kind of neat.