Monday, May 24, 2010

Two Sets of Legs

(Game Recap from Yesterday)

Maelonia stood up on her horse, a bit off from the rest of the party. She peered down the expanse of dust and the fork in the road ahead of them. Behind the group loomed mountains including the chain known as the Lich Teeth. Ahead of them was over a week's journey to the Delving and the coming blackness of Longnight when the sun would cease to shine and the evil that was already stirred up would delight even further in dealing death to wary travelers.

Flecks of stone peppered Maelonia's leather armour and she idly brushed them off. Images from last night played out in her mind, but her spirit had grown mostly numb to the scenes of brutality she had witnessed. A burst of a bracing wind hit her and she sat back down on her horse. "Ehlonna Damn this wilderness". Only weeks before she had been climbing trees and scouting for the group, experiencing the first bit of happiness she had felt in almost two years of trudging and hacking and evil curses and pain.

The forest was behind them though. As was the palisade of the cultists and even the stout fortification of the Travelers. Ah, yes the travelers. And again her mind went back to the night before when she tried to sleep inside the walled outpost and instead heard the screams of goblins and the footsteps of giants. Her instinct, always to climb she had gotten up on the roof and shot bolt after bolt into the darkness trying to kill the giants or the goblins or maybe just that moment in time. In the end, almost everything died. Even the four bystanders that got hit by a chain lightning spell. Down in the courtyard below the fierce Barbarian plowed down goblins with a wild gleam in her eye and when it was over the party reassembled like always to bicker, compare wounds and heal. Although this time the druid's bear got a bit more healing than intended and spent the night making eyes and moping longingly for the boisterous male Cleric.

"What a hell, what a living hell" She spat, returning to the present and that damn fork in the road.

Just then the Druid began to cast a spell and change form into a kestrel. Maelonia watched for lack of anything else to do, no curious bent to her mind. Half-way through the transformation she saw the druid's legs drop off his body. He fell in shock, changing back to human form and lay speechless bleeding out on the ground. Somehow she stifled the horror inside and let the disinterest sink in instead. Too many had died too violently for this to even matter.

The cleric hurried off his horse and over to the druid. He began to pray fervently and by some miracle legs began to sprout out of the druid's twitching form. How horrible. It was all so unnatural and loathsome. To make matters worse before they could ride off the bear and the "scholar" began to bicker over the other pair of legs. The now dead ones that had fallen into the dust and were covered with clotted blood and dirt.

The Delving could not come soon enough.


  1. Interesting! I kinda wonder what happened before this! Sounds like your game has a lot going on in it. How long has it been running now? What edition are you guys playing?

  2. We were originally 3rd edition and then we moved over to the Pathfinder system. It's been going now almost two years (in August) and the DM has had the world and story in existence for quite some time. He does an awesome job.