Friday, May 7, 2010

I have "Whiplash"!

Back from Iron Man 2. There was much cheering and clapping to be had.

Here's what you need to know. It looks fantastic! The continuity between the first and second movie that seamlessly sets up the introduction to the film works really well. Some of it may feel like a bit of brief rehash, but I actually liked it. It was a good technique, much like the sort of parallelism you see in good writing, but presented visually. There were many visual devices like that which would make for a great pathway to analyzing the film. Mostly little things, but all very interesting.

Once again this is a movie that feels like a comic book come to life.

The superhero/geek in-jokes are really great.

I'd like to go more in depth and critique the various elements, but since it's so new I don't want to spoil anything.

Go see it and judge for yourself.

Ok, one thing though. Mickey Rourke's fingernails creeped me out in this just as much as they did in The Wrestler. That's my own problem though. Ha. Extreme close-ups of fingernails, no!

Master Justice seemed to enjoy the film as well. We were in a sold out theatre and there were four total screens going. Each print started a minute after and ours was the first to run. One minute advantage!

Oh, make sure you stay through the credits.

The crowd was fun at this movie and I paid attention to what people were wearing. There were some Marvel shirts out there (I was wearing a Super Mario Warp Zone shirt that proved popular) and no Iron Man shirts to be seen. This is a matter of taste, but is wearing THE shirt to THE movie a bit like being that guy who is wearing the t-shirt for the band that's playing? It probably isn't right, but ultimately it doesn't matter.

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  1. we must discuss the in-jokes and ending i didnt see, lil lady. brian had to get home to catch the ENTIRE hawks game. he even sped. god. sports fans are lame ;)