Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Guild Comic Book

Felicia Day's amazing web-series The Guild recently wrapped shooting on it's 4th season and as those of us who are fans await the new adventures of our favorite MMO obsessed bunch we have had the pleasure of reading Felicia's excellent comic book prequel to the events of the show.

The first season of the show was originally written as a pilot for a network pitch, but was rejected as too niche. I'm sure having a female lead who spends all of her time playing video games was just not understood by network types. However, the series did not address how Codex ends up so obsessed with her online gaming. Felicia Day based some of it on her own experiences playing too much WoW and fleshed out a back story for Codex in the 3-part comic.

Well, the comic books did not disappoint. Felicia's writing style translates well to the page. I enjoyed the art and found it to be often crisp and gorgeous. Overall, the comic book storyline was very satisfying.

At the end of the third issue there's a note that has promises to come. It seems that they are trying to figure out a way to continue the comic book part of The Guild. I would love this. Felicia Day's series really fills a big gap in the types of stories about women (and men) that are out there in pop culture.


  1. I enjoy The Guild, but sadly, I can see where the networks are coming from when they say it's too much of a niche. I hate when I see a point of view I don't wanna see...

  2. Thankfully the internet is the more powerful marketplace right now. I hoping more webshows like this start cropping up! :)