Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crit Spell Failures Haunt our Group

After seven and a half hours of game time we ended up with a just finished fight in a forest in which my ranger had the pleasure of shooting bolts through a wall of fire turning them into flaming, melty projectiles of horror for our enemies. Ah, she does love life in the forest.

The salad bar was delicious! We had slivered almonds, artichoke hearts that were drenched in olive oil, romaine and spinach, several kinds of pepper, homemade salad dressing, organic salad dressing, every manner of veggie...

Of course we also had rounds and rounds of coffee which lead to our cleric basically being wired and hilarious. Her character (a male identical twin) started the game session as a woman (accident) and was dying to be back in "his" original form, which happened by the end of the game.

Our task just becomes more treacherous as we go deeper into the story. Will we ever find the four hearts and destroy them? Oh, and to make matters worse a crit spell failure led to our secret mission and secret thoughts being broadcast loudly to an entire town of formerly friendly allies.

The pink sparkle dice were on fire tonight! One natural 20 and a 19. Not bad. No crit fails for me this time. It's a first in awhile.


  1. Oooh, another girl writing about her D&D games? I'm gonna have to bookmark you! lol I'm in my first D&D game that my boyfriend's running for me, and I blog about it on a (mostly) weekly basis, so I've gotten interested in the games that others are playing. I don't have all the cool minis, though. Just one I bought, but she's still not painted yet. What's your ranger's name? What race is she?

  2. Hey! I checked out your blog. It's awesome. Bookmark'd!

    She's Maelonia a human ranger.

    The mini's belong to the DM and another player and our DM has an awesome set of monsters that he painted. He's very talented at it.