Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cat Games

Last week I picked up WarioWare DIY and when I had some free time I did the first tutorial and then was set free to make a game.

Making the game was enjoyable and very quick to learn. If you have used a variety of art programs before you'll have an advantage when using this because the fun part for me was getting the chance to draw everything by hand and then ANIMATE some if it. There are also stamps that you can use so you don''t have to draw everything. You also get to write music for the game, which again if you have used some computer music programs in the past will be very easy. Even if you haven't the interface is well explained. You can also make comic strips and records on the game, but I haven't had the time to try that out yet.

Here's the game I made. It's based on the hunger my cats seem to experience on a constant basis and their love of vegan ice-cream (they try to steal it from me).

Too bad my camera doesn't pick up all the detail, but it did a fairly decent job for being a 5 year old digital camera!

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